Richard E. Kuntz, MD, MSc, is Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific, Clinical, and Regulatory Officer of Medtronic, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN. Prior to joining Medtronic, he was the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of the Harvard Clinical Research Institute, a university-based contract research organization which coordinates National Institutes of Health and industry clinical trials with the United States Food and Drug Administration. His major interests are traditional and alternative clinical trial design and biostatistics. He also served as Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Chief of the Division of Clinical Biometrics, and an interventional cardiologist in the division of cardiovascular diseases at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Kuntz served on the Board of Governors from September 2010 to September 2018.

Updated: September 2018


Conflicts of Interest

As of January 29, 2018

Financial Associations

  • Medtronic, Inc., Employer

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  • Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Board member
  • Medical Device Innovation Consortium, Committee Member or Work Groups Member 
  • Medical Device Innovation Consortium, Board member 


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