Sally C. Morton, PhD, is Dean of the College of Science at Virginia Tech. Her current research areas include evidence synthesis and pragmatic studies. She is a member of the Methods Steering Committee of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Evidence-based Practice Center Program, and is a past president of the American Statistical Association (ASA).

Dr. Morton received a BS, MS, and PhD in statistics from Stanford University; and an MSc in statistics from the London School of Economics.

Conflicts of Interest

As of November 25, 2020

Financial or Business Associations:

  • Virginia Tech University, Employer
  • Arizona State University, Employer

Personal Associations:

  • RTI International, Advisory Board member
  • National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research, Advisory Board member
  • American Statistical Association, Member, Committee or Work Group member
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member
  • Caucus for Women in Statistics, Member
  • Society for Research Synthesis Methodology, Former Employer
  • University of Pittsburgh, Former Employer
  • RAND Corporation, Former Employer


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