Susan Wozniak has worked with PCORI for more than five years on the Communications and Dissemination Research (CDR) Merit Review Panel, representing patients. Her initial association with PCORI was through the National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF), where she remains an active health policy advocate volunteer. Professionally, as an oncology nurse, Wozniak sees how research sits at the bedside because it was not identified or embraced by patients. That is why she is happy to have had the opportunity to work for many years with the PCORI Merit Review Panels (CDR and Dissemination & Implementation)—to ensure that research efforts are patient centered and that they engage the right individuals to make a real difference. Wozniak is equally excited about PCOR-Translation Center efforts that have been afforded to her, which bring many experiences full circle. Being a PCORI Ambassador allows her additional opportunities to learn more about PCORI and its good works, while also reaching out and sharing that information with patient advocate organizations and local healthcare professionals. Though retired from bedside nursing and now working in the community as an accreditation surveyor, Wozniak remains alert to opportunities to heighten the awareness of national stakeholders (e.g., professional organizations, pharmacists, nurses, healthcare systems) about PCORI and patient-centered outcomes research, which she shares when appropriate. She also encourages others to become involved In PCORI initiatives. 

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