Shaker Heights, OH

Critical Care Physician, Cleveland Clinic

Representing: Clinicians
Term ends September 2026        

Varun U. Shetty, M.D., is an adult intensivist at the Cleveland Clinic. Before his fellowship at UPMC Pittsburgh, he trained in internal medicine and pediatrics.

He has previously worked as a staff physician for Humsafar Trust, Mumbai’s only LGBT health clinic. He has also worked with Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders treating patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis and HIV.

He has written guidelines on managing COVID-19 in resource-limited settings, a review article on the rationale for the immunization schedule and invited book chapters. He has also created workshops and presentations that have been presented at international and regional conferences. He has given lectures at national and international conferences on healthcare disparities, specifically focusing on the care of the critically ill. He is a writer and a poet and has published essays and poems in several outlets.

Shetty focuses on caring for the critically ill in global health settings. He has worked with physicians in the United States and abroad in resource-limited settings and continues to give lectures and real-time critical care consultations to physicians in various settings. He is interested in developing sustainable systems that consistently provide high-quality care to critically ill patients anywhere.

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