A female nurse speaking with a male patient in a hospital triage center.
Research & Results

PCORI began funding research in 2012, and a growing number of the studies are now producing important results that are being published in peer-reviewed journals or presented at scientific meetings. Read about them.

77% of our research dollars fund studies comparing the effectiveness of two or more approaches to health care.
*Out of $1.9 billion in CER, Methods, and PCORnet projects, as of September 2017
PCORI-funded projects by most studied conditions. 396 total
Mental/behavioral health 93
Cancer 78
Neurological disorders 65
Cardiovascular diseases 62
*As of September 2017

Highlights from Our Funded Projects

A multiracial nurse and a female visitor with a male patient lying in a hospital bed.

Preventing Life-Threatening Clots

To avoid deep-vein blood clots, educate hospitalized patients about prevention, PCORI-funded study suggests.

Helping Patients Make Treatment Decisions

This prostate cancer survivor wishes PCORI had existed in 2007, when he was deciding on treatment.

Prescirption medicine bottles standing or lying on a table with several pills.

Managing Pain, Lowering Opioid Use

PCORI-funded research: A health system’s opioid plan reduced doses among patients with chronic pain.

More about PCORI-Funded Research

Research in Action

Read a collection of short features providing a glimpse into the workings of projects we support.

PCORI in the Literature

See the latest scientific journal articles resulting from our funded research.

About Our Research

Learn about how our funded studies can provide reliable, useful information to patients, clinicians, and other healthcare stakeholders.

PCORnet: A National Research Network

Read about this initiative to harness the power of data and unique partnerships to help make health research faster, more powerful, efficient, and less costly than it is now.

Research Information and Resources

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Evaluating Our Work

Find out how we assess whether our approach to research is moving us toward our goals.

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Research Methodology

Learn more about how we're improving the way comparative effectiveness studies are designed and conducted.

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Research Spotlights

Read about the high-priority topics in our funded research portfolio.