Project Summary

Type 2 diabetes is particularly devastating to the Hispanic population, and is associated with significant disability and early death. In this project we will create a community partnership that will collaboratively develop a research proposal to compare different approaches to help Hispanic individuals with type 2 diabetes to understand and self-manage the disease. This project will begin with a partnership between two researchers at the University of Utah and the Sorensen Unity Center. We will then recruit additional members for the advisory panel. The resulting group will have 13 members total: 7 community members, 5 members who work for nonprofits serving the Hispanic community in Utah, and 2 university professors.

Once this advisory panel is created we will use email, social media channels, and our existing network of community partners to organize a series of biweekly meetings and ongoing discussions about the development of our research question and research proposal. The meetings will begin with a brief orientation to the scope and nature of the problem. Once the problem is adequately defined, we will turn to consideration of potential interventions. We will deliberately solicit the perspectives of different members of the advisory panel and the community in order to ensure that the group's shared understanding represents the diversity of viewpoints. The shared understanding of the group will be used to develop a PCORI Tier II application that will develop a PCORI question and research application.

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Project Information

Bryan Gibson, DPT, PhD
University of Utah

Key Dates

9 months


Project Status
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Last updated: April 5, 2024