Project Summary

The aim of this Tier I Pipeline to Proposal Award is to improve clinical and functional postoperative lung cancer surgery outcomes self-identified as most important to patients and families. We will accomplish the above by:

  1. conducting focus groups with lung cancer patients and family members;

  2. conducting Twitter "chats" using an established social media platform (#Lung Cancer Social Media); and

  3. developing a Community Stakeholder Advisory Panel (CSAP) composed of patients, family members, lung cancer advocacy group representatives, and care providers.

Data from focus groups, social media, and the CSAP will be used to redevelop the UC Davis lobectomy and pneumonectomy postoperative pathway (POP) utilized by the healthcare team. The CSAP will synthesize the results of the focus groups and Twitter outreach with their own experiences and re-engineer the POP into a patient-centered lay person POP (pc-POP) to be followed, actively and concurrently, by patients and their families.

After the above, we will augment the project by expanding the CSAP statewide to include representation from other hospitals to adapt the pc-POP for regional use, and designing and planning multi-institution comparative effectiveness (CE) research studies to determine if a pc-POP, when compared to routine care processes, can improve patient satisfaction regarding inpatient care and patient-identified clinical outcomes; measured clinical outcomes; and patient-identified quality-of-life indicators In the future, the CSAP will identify and implement additional patient-centered multi-institutional CE studies evaluating other patient perspective identified questions at state and national levels.

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Project Information

David Tom Cooke, MD, FACS
UC Davis Medical Center, Section of General Thoracic Surgery

Key Dates

9 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022