Project Summary

It is well known that preterm birth (PTB) disproportionally affects ethnic minorities and women of lower socioeconomic status and that the risk for PTB increases with a decreasing number of prenatal care visits or no prenatal care. What is not known is the geographic distribution of these disparities within our area and if there are communities that may be particularly vulnerable to PTB. With this Tier I funding opportunity, we propose to identify the communities in the Denver metro area with the heaviest burden of PTB using geo-mapping data.

Next, we aim to identify patients in that community affected by PTB and cultivate clinician-researcher-patient relationships. We will then engage the community and stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of developing a comparative effectiveness research project addressing PTB in the most disadvantaged communities in our region. To do this, we anticipate holding focus groups and community meetings. From these encounters specific activities to improve prenatal care and reduce the rate of PTB will be determined with patient and stakeholder input. During the 9-month contract, we will complete all PCORI Awardee training as well as attend any potential conferences or meetings so that we may best learn how to engage the community as well as conduct comparative effectiveness research.

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Project Information

Sara Mazzoni, MD, MPH
Denver Health

Key Dates

9 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022