Project Summary

The Colorado Center for Primary Care Innovation (CCPCI) aims to be a leader in advancement in health care. The nonprofit partners with Westminster Medical Clinic, a patient-centered medical home, as a beta site to drive and pilot new ideas that will improve health care not only for patients in the primary care setting, but throughout Colorado. Given current research on health literacy and its relationship to patient self-management, The CCPCI would like to explore this topic further. CCPCI aspires to gain a greater understanding of the patient perspective to help clinics facilitate an increased patient understanding of health and health management.

To complete this, he CCPCI will partner will Westminster Medical Clinic in creating a patient advisory board. The board will provide feedback, in the form of a nominal group process that will help the CCPCI determine ways in which clinics can facilitate increased patient understanding of health. Health literacy is a disparity that affects people of all ages, ethnic groups, education levels, and cultures. CCPCI's goal is not to change the patient's health literacy level, but to help clinics embrace a more patient-centered approach to delivery of care_an approach inspired by the patient.

Project Information

R. Scott Hammond, MD
Colorado Center for Primary Care Innovation

Key Dates

9 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022