Project Summary

Puget Sound Asthma Coalition: A Community, Clinical, and Academic Partnership The purpose of this proposal is to mobilize those affected by asthma to engage in patient-centered comparative effectiveness research alongside community stakeholders to improve health equity in asthma management. We believe that an engaged and connected community can best identify, test, and implement relevant research that leverages community strengths. The Puget Sound Asthma Coalition (PSAC) will accomplish this through two aims. We will:

  1. create a sustainable pathway for patient and parent input on research opportunities, and

  2. build the coalition's infrastructure to conduct comparative effectiveness research.

To accomplish the first aim, we will host community cafés in segments of the community that are most impacted by asthma. Two cafés will be held with each group. We will explore facilitators and challenges to asthma prevention and management. This democratic inquiry process will inform a collaborative research idea to be refined in the second round. It is anticipated that, through the café process, community leaders will partner with the PSAC to improve health equity through research that is responsive to patient needs. Concurrently, the PSAC will build its capacity to conduct patient-centered outcomes research. A coalition coordinator will improve the coalition's research infrastructure to capitalize on the café process and mobilize patient and community stakeholders to develop a research proposal. The coordinator will develop a communication plan, a research subcommittee, and a research repository, and assist in developing a co-learning opportunity and a logic model for a Tier 2 Pipeline award.

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Project Information

Julie Postma, PhD, BSN
Puget Sound Asthma Coalition

Key Dates

9 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022