Project Summary

Primary care of older adults can be complex and challenging. It often renders incomplete and reactive care, especially in counseling about successful aging and in proactive screening of three critical geriatric conditions: dementia, falls, and depression. To help address these gaps in taking care of older adults, geriatrician Dr. Peter Cheng founded the 'Successful Aging Shared Medical Appointments' in 2011 at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Northern California. While this innovation model has garnered initial attention and praise, its clinical effectiveness is not yet proven.

To this end, we would like to unveil the "YOU COMPLETE ME!" project.* If successfully funded by this Tier I award, "YOU COMPLETE ME!" (Chapter I) would aim to build a de novo community of stakeholders passionate about studying this new way of caring for older adults. During the award period, "YOU COMPLETE ME!" (Chapter I) would create and strengthen a community of patient stakeholders, support staff, and an advisory panel. We would implement an effective web-based communication platform to increase the capacity and impact of our work. Through both in-person and virtual gatherings, we would strive to give "YOU COMPLETE ME!" members every opportunity to bond, share, and have an unforgettable time! By fulfilling the goals of the PCORI Tier I Pipeline to Proposal Awards, Chapter I of "YOU COMPLETE ME!" will, we hope, lead to future chapters and opportunities to study the comparative effectiveness of the 'Successful Aging Shared Medical Appointments' care model. *Phrase borrowed from Tri-Star's 1996 blockbuster, "YOU COMPLETE ME!"

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Project Information

Peter H. Cheng, MD, AGSF
Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Key Dates

9 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022