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While colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of overall cancer death in the U.S.A., deaths caused by this disease are significantly declining every year in almost every state. Unfortunately Mississippi is the exception to this rule, having the highest colorectal cancer death rate in the nation, mainly because screening rates are so low. In Mississippi, Public Health District 3 has the highest colorectal cancer death rate and few preventive resources, such as gastroenterologists or specialized gastroenterology clinics. Under the leadership of Mississippi’s only comprehensive academic medical center, local community health advocates, primary health care providers, and public health officers will engage the Mississippi Delta community in this project. Community stakeholders will be introduced to the concepts of participatory comparative effectiveness research and engaged in a community-based dialogue to determine and design research to increase CRC screening rates in the Delta.

The projected outputs from this project are a forum for community-based, patient-centered participatory research wherein consumers and providers will be able to assess their individual and community-level CRC behavioral and familial health risks, and the availability of CRC prevention resources (experiential phase); relate the value of community-based, participatory research to their peer network, citing specific success stories from other communities (awareness phase); and work together to identify, prioritize and develop patient-centered comparative efficacy research proposals to increase CRC screening (responsibility phase). 

Project collaborators include the Mississippi Primary Health Care Association; Mississippi Department of Health; Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation; residents of Bolivar, Leflore, and Washington Counties in the Mississippi Delta; American Cancer Society; National Colorectal Cancer Round Table; Fight Colorectal Cancer; and C-Change. 

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Roy Duhe, PhD
The University of Mississippi Medical Center

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27 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022