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The Medicaid Medical Directors Network (MMDN) is the group of physicians who individually advise their state Medicaid programs on clinical policy and practice, and collectively represent a unified voice for Medicaid-relevant clinical issues. The network is focused on the use of evidence-based care and services, assessment and improvement of healthcare quality, and the redesign of healthcare delivery systems that serve this critical population. The MMDN is the primary venue where Medicaid’s clinical leaders discuss their work, priorities, and potential challenges. This PCORI-funded project will support various engagement activities—such as in-person meetings, webinars, and online discussions—providing MMDs with opportunities to examine and prioritize issues, exchange knowledge about state policy options and best practices, and further refine their ideas among peers. Armed with evidence and expert and peer-to-peer support, MMDs will drive improvements for their Medicaid beneficiaries.

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Project Resource: Spring 2015 Workshop Meeting Summary

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Enrique Martinez-Vidal, MPP

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27 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022