Project Summary

In response to the PCORI Pipeline to Proposal Tier I request for proposals, Rev. Dr. Jalene Chase-Sands, founder of BALM, LLC, and senior pastor of a United Methodist Church, and Dr. Alfiee M. Breland-Noble, associate professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University, propose the formation of a faith-based mental health promotion network focused on African-American mental health and the reduction of disparities. Aligned with the mission of the Pipeline to Proposal Tier I program, our team will build and engage a network of faith community leaders, caregivers, stakeholders, university researchers, providers, and patients. Our specific team-building tasks include hosting monthly meetings focused on 1) developing our partnership, 2) identifying the specific behavioral and mental health needs of our youth, and 3) developing a strategic plan to address the stated needs via submission of a Tier II award. Based on individual efforts to date, our local communities trust that we care. Our compassion has opened up dialogue, especially among teens, who feel comfortable asking questions about life outside their circumstances, inspiring hope for creating a healthier environment. Through this Pipeline to Proposal Tier I award project, our team, including the voice of youth, will build a patient-centered outcomes research and comparative effectiveness research agenda in anticipation of the submission of a Pipeline to Proposal Tier II application.

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Project Information

Jalene Chase-Sands, DMin, MDiv
Balance and Life Ministries, LLC (BALM)

Key Dates

9 months


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Last updated: February 13, 2024