Project Summary

This project builds on the community partnership developed in our Tier I project. The project has four main phases, all of which are directed toward developing comparative effectiveness research questions for technology-based solutions for Hispanics with type 2 diabetes.

In the first phase, we plan to refine the list of problems that people with type 2 diabetes face and potential solutions to those problems that we uncovered in Tier I. Specifically, we plan to expand the list and add patient-centered outcomes that might be affected by these solutions. This list is intended to reflect the range of possible interventions and outcomes that the group might propose to study in future work. The next phase of the project is to survey community members to get a preliminary prioritization of potential solutions that we might address in future work. Next, we plan to have community advisory board members experience firsthand different technology-based solutions for improving diabetes self-management. This personal experience with existing tools will provide critical information regarding the effectiveness and practical usability of existing tools and will help advisory board members develop informed suggestions for design improvements for these tools before they are tested in a larger comparative effectiveness project. The final phase of the project is for the Community Advisory Board and the researchers to collate all of the collected information and develop a list of comparative effectiveness research questions that we will refine and prioritize in a Tier III project. 

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Project Information

Bryan Gibson, DPT, PhD
University of Utah

Key Dates

12 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022