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ECRI Institute has organized its annual conference for the past 21 years with the purpose of disseminating evidence-based information to the public on topics of great importance to healthcare. In 2015, ECRI Institute plans to continue in its tradition of assembling a conference where the multi-stakeholder audience has the unique opportunity to engage in a high-level discussion on vital issues in healthcare with the conference speakers who are experts in their respective fields. The 2015 conference will include the perspective of patient-centered cancer care. More information is available on the ECRI website.

The projected outputs from this project are an annual conference to assess the current status of patient-centered cancer care and identify gaps in the evidence to stimulate significant research to positively affect patient care; scholarly articles and policy development.

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​Project Resource: Conference Summary

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Jeffrey Lerner, PhD
ECRI Institute

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12 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022