Project Summary

The National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) will convene three states in a learning collaborative to achieve the following three goals: increase the use of evidence, specifically CER and PCOR, within health policy decision making; create a structure for inter-agency collaboration on the use of this research; and develop a strategy for meaningful patient engagement in program and policy development. State teams will include several agencies and academic and patient representatives, and will develop a work plan to reach milestones. NASHP will use the NASHP Roadmap and, in collaboration with Oregon’s Center for Evidence-based Policy (CEbP), will provide technical assistance through biannual all-state calls and individual state calls and site visits. CEbP will provide expertise in developing materials, site visit planning, and as a resource to the states. NASHP will disseminate the findings through webinar, issue briefs, and hold a NASHP national conference session.

The projected outputs from this project are the development of an issue brief identifying the challenges states faced and summarizing the lessons learned and strategies used to overcome them; a national webinar focused on highlighting the work of the participating states; and a session at NASHP’s October 2016 conference highlighting the work of participating states and issues that emerged.

Project collaborators include the National Academy for State Health Policy/Center for Health Policy Development; Center for Evidence-based Policy at Oregon Health & Science University; Milbank Memorial Fund; State teams from Alabama, Colorado, and Massachusetts with membership including Medicaid, public health, mental/behavioral health, universities, and patient representatives. 

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Jennifer Reck, MA
Center for Health Policy Development

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April 2017


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