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During the past decade, Nevada had the second-largest increase of individuals 65 years and older in the country. The older population in Nevada is expected to increase to 18.6% in 2030. These statistics suggest the increasing need for palliative care for an aging population that will also increasingly have diagnoses of chronic life-limiting illnesses. Nevertheless, palliative care is still considered a new specialty across the country, particularly in Nevada. Therefore, research into patient outcomes and satisfaction would serve to improve this level of care that would benefit older Nevadans. Before comparing outcomes of palliative care and regular inpatient care, this project aims to establish a patient-centered palliative care group and a caregiver network, and to help patients with chronic terminal illnesses in deciding between the palliative care option and the regular inpatient care option. The researchers will work with local palliative care facilities (i.e., starting at St. Rose Dignity Hospitals’ Palliative Care Department and later expanding to Infinity Hospice Care and Nathan Adelson Hospice) to form at each of the facilities palliative care groups comprising patient caregivers, physicians, nurses, care managers, and other supporting staff. These groups will provide thorough information about palliative care and regular inpatient care to the patients to help them choose the one they prefer. The researchers will also work with the patient family members and other caregivers to start a palliative care supporting network in southern Nevada.

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Jay Shen, PhD
University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Key Dates

9 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022