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Enhancing Patient- and Family-Centered Care through Learning, Discovery and Engagement is a conference project by the Geisinger Health System, the nation’s largest rural health system. Slated for Summer 2016, the conference will provide a forum for closely integrating and advancing three streams of ongoing effort: to advance the delivery of patient centered care; to make patient-engaged research the default, rather than the exception at Geisinger; and to spur Geisinger’s maturation as a learning healthcare system. The target audience encompasses clinicians, investigators, staff, and patients and families. Through plenaries, workshops, engagement forums, and community open houses—all featuring patients in speaking and facilitating roles—the two-day event is expected to yield an assessment of the system’s current status with regard to the aim of patient-engaged care and research and a roadmap for continued progress in building a learning health care system that achieves that aim reliably and consistently.

The projected outputs from this project are the completion of an internal assessment of institutional progress toward the goal of becoming a patient-engaged, patient-centered system; identification of challenges and barriers to further progress; and formulation of strategies for addressing the challenges and surmounting barriers. The symposium will be conducted as a research study with frequent use of deliberative polling techniques to elicit attendee perspectives and gauge the presence of consensus and diversity of opinions.

Project collaborators include patients who have been engaged as members of the symposium planning committee and as consultants on the development and implementation of the agenda. 

Project Information

Daniel Davis, PhD
Rebecca Stametz, DEd, MPH
Geisinger Clinic

Key Dates

12 months


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