Project Summary

The Familias Unidas: Pre-Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment Project aims to develop a patient-centered, community-informed plan to address a health research question on the topic of prediabetes prevention, diagnosis, and treatment methods among low-income Latino patients and their families. We will work with Central Long Beach prediabetic patients and their families to identify strategies that can reverse or halt the advancement of this disease, and reduce medical and human costs through prevention and management.

The project partners—the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services, one of three local health jurisdictions in California; the NCLR/CSULB Center for Latino Community Health, Evaluation, and Leadership Training, with 10 years of public health research experience on Latino health issues; and St. Mary’s Medical Center, a nonprofit hospital in Long Beach with 389 beds and 8 outpatient clinics—aim to:

1. Convene diverse stakeholders (residents, health providers, and researchers) to capture information leading to a proposed community research question.

2. Outline priority areas to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes in low-income Latino communities by engaging patients and their families who received prediabetic or diabetic diagnoses, along with their providers.

3. Outline system strategies to reduce the incidence of diabetes among Latinos in Long Beach, leading to improved health outcomes.

The Familias Unidas: Pre-Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment Project partners commit to strengthening the collective efficacy of the Latino Long Beach community. We will work together to cultivate and build our local capacity to improve health outcomes in the City of Long Beach and to inform research.

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Project Information

Ana Lopez, MA
Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services

Key Dates

9 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022