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Approximately 450,000 infants are born too early in the US each year, and a leading complication in these infants is neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). NEC affects more than 4,000 premature US infants annually, and one-third of the infants who develop NEC will die from the disease. The financial impact of NEC is significant, with an estimated annual cost of up to $1 billion per year. Despite focused research on NEC for more than four decades, we do not fully understand why NEC occurs, when NEC occurs, how NEC occurs, or which neonates will develop the disease. This lack of progress has been especially vexing, as the incidence of NEC has been increasing over the last several decades. The goal of the US-based NEC conference is to bring together key stakeholders and leaders to develop new collaborations, lines of research, and protocols to help diagnose, prevent, and treat this devastating disease.

The projected output from this project is a conference to bring stakeholders and experts together and facilitate collaboration.

Project collaborators include the University of California at Davis. 

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Project Resource: Conference Summary

Project Resource: Evaluation Report

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Jennifer Canvasser, MSW
NEC Society

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24 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022