Project Summary

Patients with multiple chronic conditions receive care that is fragmented and inefficient that often does not address what matters to them. A major cause is that the clinicians caring for a patient concentrate on their own sets of disease-specific outcomes and not on the health goals and care preferences of patients. However, very little research has focused on a key issue central to patient goals-centered care: How can clinicians translate disease-specific care into care focused on patients’ health outcome goals and preferences? This two-year project will organize patients, caregivers, researchers, clinicians, policymakers and healthcare systems representatives to develop a research agenda, and network to implement it, focused on goals-directed care.

More on This Project

This project focuses on a series of conferences that will facilitate the patient and caregiver partnership organized to plan a research agenda. It includes consensus about the conferences on patient-centered research and goals directed care. These partnerships are organized from the networks of PFCC partners and the patients/caregivers on the planning committee. This is evidenced by the links to project deliverables listed below as minutes of conference calls and web-ex conferences, preliminary consensus on the conference program and speakers, preliminary draft outline of future white papers, and a consensus statement. These deliverables also include documentation of outreach efforts by planning committees and collaborating organizations.

Project Resource: Planning Committee Agenda and Minutes: January - April 2016

Project Resource: Planning Committee Agenda and Minutes: April - August 2016

Project Resource: Patient Priority Care Research Agenda Meeting Materials - November 2016

White Paper: Patient Priorities Care Research Agenda

Project Information

Caroline Blaum, MD, MS
New York University

Key Dates

24 months


Project Status
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Last updated: March 4, 2022