Project Summary

Individuals who have been incarcerated are at a particularly high risk for poor health outcomes and death after being released from prison. Research that addresses the health concerns of this vulnerable population rarely includes their voices, in part due to barriers to participation, such as varying health and research literacy. The Share Project aims to improve research and outcomes that matter to this population by building skills necessary to participate in research. This will be accomplished using a web-based, interactive platform to allow patients to visualize, use, and own data from their own communities and an enhanced curriculum to prepare them to interpret data and design interventions. After these trainings in patient-centered outcomes research, teams of patients and patient advocates with a history of incarceration, policymakers, and researchers will be able to develop interventions to address the health needs of patients with a history of incarceration.

The projected outputs from this project are the development of a web-based platform enabling stakeholders to actively participate in the conception and design of interventions; design of a PCOR curriculum that will increase patient capacity to participate in research; and production of PCOR proposals from at least two of the four TCN sites participating in the PCOR training and collaborative.

Project collaborators include the Transitions Clinic Network; PCOR trainees; study advisory board members; San Francisio Public Health Foundation; and the University of California at San Francisco. 

Project Information

Emily Wang, MD
Yale University

Key Dates

20 months


Project Status
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Last updated: March 4, 2022