Project Summary

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are an important stakeholder group in patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR). This project proposes to develop and implement a structured research training program in PCOR for CHWs. Over the past four years, the University of Miami, the Health Council of South Florida and the Florida Community Health Worker Coalition have led a multi-stakeholder group in developing a structured training and state certification program for CHWs. This project proposes to build on this experience to develop a PCOR elective module that can be used by CHWs toward their state certification. The project will use this program to train 100 Florida CHWs in PCOR. A toolkit will then be developed that can be used by groups in other states to develop a similarly structured program.

Projected outcomes are as follows:

  1. With input from stakeholder members of the Florida Community Health Worker Coalition, the Health Council of South Florida, CHWs, patients, patient advocates and national experts (including CHW curriculum development leaders), develop a 7 credit hour standardized CHW Training in PCOR
  2. Over two years, conduct 12 CHW in-person PCOR training sessions throughout the state, two in each of its six regions
  3. Have 100 CHWs in the state that have been trained in PCOR, a module that could be used for their accrual of training hours for FL CHW certification or certification renewal
  4. Develop a toolkit to be offered nationwide to interested stakeholders wishing to develop a structured PCOR training program for CHWs

This project will further strengthen the six regional CHW groups and increase statewide organizational capacity for CHW utilization.  With the toolkit, this project will develop a cadre of PCOR trained CHWs and facilitate the meaningful involvement of this important stakeholder group in PCOR nationally.

The projected outputs from this project are an elective module for training CHWs in research that can be used for up to seven credit hours toward their certification; twelve regional workshops to train 100 CHWs in Florida PCOR; and a toolkit that can be used by other stakeholders to train CHWs nationwide and through PCORI-led initiatives. 

Project collaborators include the Health Council of South Florida; FL CHW Coalition Inc.; community health workers; and patients or patient advocates. 

Project Information

Olveen Carrasquillo, MD, MPH
University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine

Key Dates

September 2017

This project was originally titled Partnership for Training Community Health Workers in PCOR.


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