Project Summary

The Center for Excellence in Health Care Journalism will conduct national conferences and specialty workshops for print, broadcast, and online journalists seeking to better understand evidence-based medicine, comparative effectiveness research, and health data. The center will work to extend the reach and impact of important research in the areas of effective care, further educate journalists on issues and problems in the delivery of health services, and will summarize research findings on improving quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness for health care. The Center ensures that journalists are properly trained to cover news, trends and issues in all aspects of health and health care.

The projected outputs from this project are to achieve, through conferences and workshops:

  1. improvement of journalists' knowledge and skills in reporting, writing and editing complicated health and health care stories;
  2. allowing journalists to hear first-hand from key policymakers, researchers and clinicians and question them on the record;
  3. bringing together health care journalists to share knowledge on how to better write, edit and report health stories; and
  4. encouraging investigative and data rich reporting on quality, safety and effectiveness of health care on the local, regional and national level.

Project collaborators include researchers and clinicians from local academic medical centers for Health Journalism 2016; Health Journalism 2017; and the 2015 Journalism Workshop on Evidence-Based Medicine. 

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This project was originally titled Journalist Training Through Conferences and Workshops.

Project Information

Leonard Bruzzese
Center For Excellence In Health Care Journalism

Key Dates

24 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022