Project Summary

People living with asthma need accurate, available, usable, timely, and understandable information in order to select clinicians, make treatment decisions, use medications, follow care plans, prepare for medical procedures, communicate with their care team, and participate in research. Asthma patients face challenges developing the awareness, knowledge and skills so that they can help inform research to assure its patient-centeredness.  There is a gap between what patients need from research and research as it happens now. The project will address ways to close this gap and to prepare patients to become more familiar with, understand, use, and effectively engage in PCOR and CER activities.

The projected output from this project is a curriculum to cover basics of PCOR and research done in collaboration with AAFA chapters. Training will provide individuals the ability to understand research findings and how to use them. 

Project collaborators include AAFA Chapters; a curriculum designer; certified asthma educators; Patient Advisory Group members; and clinical/researcher subject matter experts. 

More on This Project

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Project Information

Lynda Mitchell, MA
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Key Dates

28 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022