Project Summary

While overall standards of cancer care have risen, patients living in rural areas and geographically isolated communities experience a disproportionate burden from cancer than their urban counterparts. A solution to this multidimensional problem requires addressing various challenges of cancer care delivery in hard-to-reach areas. In this project, we will develop a regional stakeholder network to facilitate involvement in comparative effectiveness and other types of outcomes research, to promote better communication, wider stakeholder representation, and ultimately, to improve the quality of regional cancer care. Benefits of the network formation and activities will be seen by patients, caregivers, and providers. Being part of a network and participating in network activities produces known benefits such as a sense of belonging and connectiveness, which have therapeutic effects, in addition to information exchange and active learning.

The projected output from this project is the development of a PCOR network focused on rural and other underrepresented oncology stakeholders by using technology to overcome existing access, trust, and communication barriers. 

Project collaborators include Noyes Memorial Hospital; Genesee Valley Health Partnership; Southern Tier Oncology & Regional Cancer Center; Honeoye Valley Family Practice; Tri-County Family Medicine; The Worker Justice Center of New York; American Cancer Society; Golisano Hope Lodge Hospitality House; KGT Group; Livingston County Department of Health; and Cancer Services Program. 

More on This Project

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Project Information

Katie Noyes, MD, PhD
University of Buffalo^

Key Dates

24 months

^ The University of Rochester was the original organization associated with this study.


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Last updated: March 4, 2022