Project Summary

The Boston BRI…DGE Forum will conduct two annual conferences interspersed with meetings, designed to be educational, skill building, and a collegial process that includes hands-on working opportunities and networking among researchers, communities, and stakeholders. Working with key organizations and its community health center partners, CCHERS will lead a Boston-based effort to engage multiple stakeholders in PCORI-sponsored research and initiatives in Boston and Massachusetts. The Year 1 conference focus will be on Dissemination and Implementation of significant findings for clinical services and/or community health practice; and Year 2 will focus on Research Development, in which topics, issues, and concerns of relevance to community members, patients, and other stakeholders will be considered as potential research projects. The meetings to be interspersed with the conferences will focus on learning about PCORI projects locally, becoming engaged in existing projects, and considering data identifying stakeholder priorities to develop a consensus research agenda.
Key project collaborators include: Boston University School of Social Work; Asian Women for Health; Resilient Sisters Project; Boston Medical Center Women’s Health Unit; MGH Disparities Research Unit; and Boston Alliance for Community Health.

Key project outputs expected include:  annual reports and quarterly newsletters; publication on Delphi process assessing stakeholder engagement; conference proceedings; and other dissemination products such as articles, presentations, policy briefs, blogs, or op-eds. 

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Project Information

Elmer Freeman, MSW
Center for Community Health Education Research and Service, Inc.

Key Dates

24 months


Project Status
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Last updated: November 30, 2022