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Over the past year, the Transform Health Arkansas Initiative has engaged transgender and gender non-binary (trans/NB) individuals and organizations in Arkansas in defining their most pressing health and healthcare concerns. Among the most common topics of interest identified are insurance coverage for transition-related health care, access to providers who are culturally competent in caring for trans/NB patients, access to and availability of physicians who provide transition care, and trans/NB-inclusive healthcare systems. In Tier II, we will focus on deepening our engagement with the trans/NB community around these issues, build capacity through training and education, form additional partnerships locally and nationally, assess existing evidence related to our topics of interest, and develop comparative effectiveness research (CER) questions. Our research working group, comprising trans/NB individuals, providers, and researchers, will continue to guide our initiative. We will conduct workshops, summits, presentations, and meetings; expand the reach of our website and social media; and provide training on research and transgender-specific issues. We will develop a communication plan for sharing our project and research outcomes. Research training will include topics such as why participation of patients and communities is important and how they can be involved, the ethics of research, different approaches to and types of research, and specific requirements of CER. Training on trans/NB-specific issues will help us increase public knowledge and acceptance and build new partnerships. All of these activities will help us broaden our networks, build our capacity, and develop a final CER research question.

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Colin Robinson
Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition

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12 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022