Project Summary

The mission of our group is to reimagine how our larger community can better support the health and well-being of every person. We have come together from many diverse communities to form a new community as a group.

We believe that people are complex and lead complex, interconnected lives. We also believe that some groups of people have better health than others. We believe that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic level, should enjoy the best health possible and have access to the best care possible.

The best care possible means, to us, that people have the ability to select among medical and social options that improve their health. We feel that health care should address the whole individual. Many aspects of our healthcare system and society may need to be changed to create sustainable and positive change toward better individual and societal health.

We believe in the power of a group imagining a better healthcare system. However, we also believe that people must be deeply involved in making meaningful and long-term change. As a group, we can supply suggestions, foster new communities, and supply information that may facilitate changes in opinion, attitudes, prejudices, the healthcare system, or society as a whole. We hope this will result in changes to create a healthcare system connected to patients within communities who are empowered to make the best choices available.

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Project Information

Kate Diaz Vickery, MD, MSc
Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation

Key Dates

12 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022