Project Summary

Blood and marrow transplant (BMT) is used to treat life-threatening diseases such as blood cancers and other blood disorders. Currently, there is only one way to tell how well BMT works for patients: doctors look at how many patients are alive one year after BMT. We don’t know what other outcomes of BMT are important to patients. 

Our patient-centered project focuses on patient participation and feedback. We will ask patients to tell us what information about how well BMT works is most important to them. A group of patients, researchers, and health providers will discuss the outcomes of BMT from the perspective of the patient, and decide which research questions are most important to patients and doctors. We will explain the results of the project to all those interested in BMT care delivery. In the long term, this project will help ask and answer questions that will promote the best care and achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.

Project Information

Linda Burns, MD
National Marrow Donor Program

Key Dates

January 2018


Project Status
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Last updated: April 8, 2024