Project Summary

The Collaboration to Advance HIV and Aging Research in the Hudson Valley (CAHAR – HV) (CAHAR-HV) team will foster a productive, team-based approach while working to develop comparative effectiveness research questions to optimize care delivery and coordination in an aging, HIV-positive population in New York’s Hudson Valley. The team is led by Hudson River HealthCare, Inc., and the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute, as well as other healthcare providers, community-based organizations, and aging- and co-morbidity-focused agencies in a research-oriented stakeholder coalition. This coalition, directed by the CAHAR-HV team, is thoughtfully designed to ensure participation and the meaningful involvement of all relevant voices. Aging with HIV has been identified as a critically underserved and under-examined area of focus, especially given the ever-increasing numbers of people who are living longer with HIV due to effective medication regimens and therapies. The partnership team will address the complex problems that the growing population of HIV-positive persons over the age of 50 face related to aging, co-occurring conditions, complex care coordination, and poly-pharmacy. Their needs are particularly pressing in a semi-rural geographic region like the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State, where dispersed providers and patients challenge the effective coordination of care.

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Project Information

Christine Kerr, MD
Hudson River HealthCare, Inc.

Key Dates

12 months


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Last updated: November 30, 2022