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The number of Americans currently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is high, and will continue to increase. Previous research shows that diabetes self-management can help improve individuals’ health, and allow them to avoid the negative outcomes of this disease. However, doing self-management every day for a chronic condition proves difficult. This proposed conference series is intended to help patients, clinicians, payers, advocacy groups, government, and researchers come together to develop patient-centered research questions to improve the continued use of diabetes self-management strategies. The meetings that will be part of this conference series are designed to introduce important research principles, better understand patients’ experiences with self-management, and provide time to develop patient-centered research questions. The “PaRTICIpate in Diabetes Self-Management Research Collaborative” will provide the foundation needed to develop new knowledge about diabetes self-management that matters to people with this condition.

Project collaborators include the James C. Kennedy Wellness Center located at the Tallahatchie General Hospital in Charleston, Mississippi, Oxford Medical Ministries Clinic in Oxford, Mississippi, and Saltillo Pharmacy Solutions in Saltillo, Mississippi. These collaborators will work with project staff members to advertise the project to prospective patient team members, and recruit participants, develop, implement, and evaluate the conference series. Members from the Mississippi Department of Health Diabetes Prevention and Control Program will also participate in research training and main PaRTICIpate meetings.

Project outcomes include the development and implementation of a curriculum for patient-centered outcomes research, comparative effectiveness research, and community-based participatory research. In addition, patients and stakeholders from northern Mississippi will create patient-centered diabetes self-management research questions. The final product of this project will be the PaRTICIpate in Diabetes Self-Management Research Collaborative, which will coordinate with team members from across northern Mississippi to develop funding proposals, and conduct research projects, initially based on the research questions from the PaRTICIpate meeting.

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Meagen Rosenthal, PhD, MA
University of Mississippi

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24 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022