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One key to reducing health disparities and promoting equity in health among children is creating equal partnerships with communities to remove barriers and engage families in the research process. The University of California San Francisco is placing children, families, and their communities at the center of innovations to advance the policy, education, research, and clinical care necessary to support child health through partnership with community stakeholders. The aims of this project are to create the infrastructure for families and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to partner with pediatric researchers at UCSF to develop a mutual, responsive research agenda; create a sustainable mechanism for researchers and families/CBOs to co-create new research ideas, implementation, and dissemination plans; and to develop a research advocacy-training program for families, researchers, and community stakeholders. Project collaborators include: Megumi Okumura (Co-PI); Support for Families of Children with Disabilities; and Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth.

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Anda Kuo, MD
University of California San Francisco

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27 months


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Last updated: March 16, 2022