Project Summary

Our group, Survive to Thrive, represents partnership of stroke survivors, caregivers, clinicians, social workers, and other stakeholders to improve quality of life after stroke. Our group was formed in Tier I. Based on input from stroke survivors and caregivers as well as the knowledge and experience of stakeholders, we defined our major interest in addressing the fragmentation of care and ensuring coordinated continuous care after stroke. In Tier II, we will continue to strengthen and expand the partnerships and infrastructure and develop comparative effectiveness research (CER) questions. Specifically, we will continue to reach out to stakeholders regionally and nationally to obtain information pertinent to developing our CER question, to raise awareness of our activity, to obtain feedback from other stakeholders, and to solicit partnerships. Our outreach methods include visits to stakeholder meetings, personal interactions, online communications, brochures, professional and informal presentations, and news stories. We will continue to gather from literature review existing scientific evidence for current practice for post-stroke care. In addition, we will learn about and initiate a stroke peer navigator program in the Charleston, SC area to outreach to new stroke patients and their family members in a meaningful and effective way.

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Na Jin Seo, PhD, MSE
Medical University of South Carolina

Key Dates

12 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022