Project Summary

The Center for Workforce Health and Development (CWHP) will conduct a set of employer case studies on how employers use evidence to make employee health investment decisions, particularly around high-prevalence conditions in a working population and the health-related outcomes that are expected to result in beneficial results for both employees and employers (such as better work attendance, higher job performance, less work disability, and longer working lives). An expert panel will be used to help identify the conditions of relevance to a working population and review PCOR/CER evidence related to these conditions. The employer interviews will assess whether the type of evidence generated from PCOR/CER studies is used in making investment decisions by employers or their supplier partners and might be required to support greater use of PCOR and CER information in making investment decisions around employee health. The results of the project will be disseminated widely to stakeholders with an interest in making employee health investment decisions based on evidence.

Project Collaborators: Integrated Benefits Institute; V-BID Center, University of Michigan; advisory groups of clinicians, researchers, employers, and others with expertise in workforce health and performance.

Projected Outputs:  Educational materials and events to further the use of evidence on employer decision making around employee health investments.

Project Information

Kimberly Jinnett, PhD
Thomas Parry, PhD, and Mark Fendrick, MD
Center for Workforce Health and Development

Key Dates

June 2018


Project Status
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