Project Summary

Background: There is little evidence on the use and implementation of comparative effectiveness research (CER) or patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) approaches within essential hospitals. Perhaps more important, there is even less systematic information available on patient and caregiver engagement improving healthcare delivery for more vulnerable populations. A systematic evaluation of the use of PCOR/CER and patient and caregiver engagement would provide the evidence needed to advance the adoption of evidence-based research and best practices within essential hospitals.

Proposed Solution to the Problem: The problem will be addressed through a two-step process: (1) understand the current state of PCOR/CER use and integration in member hospitals; and (2) provide a concrete roadmap for member hospitals to implement PCOR/CER concepts in their day-to-day practice.

Objectives: The objectives of this project are to understand how essential hospitals view the utility of PCOR/CER in their work, current implementation activities, and future needs; develop a landscape review of current use of PCOR/CER by essential hospitals; identify barriers to the widespread adoption of PCOR/CER initiatives in  member hospitals; build a roadmap for essential hospitals to overcome these barriers and to facilitate mass adoption of PCOR/CER; and disseminate the roadmap to promote PCOR/CER integration.

Activities: The project will be divided into two phases: data gathering and dissemination. Phase 1 (data gathering) will involve stakeholder engagement, a landscape review, survey development, key informant interviews, and a roadmap summit. Phase 2 (dissemination) will involve audience identification and partner engagement, roadmap dissemination, and a dissemination plan for future PCOR/CER.

Outcomes and Outputs (projected): In the long term, this project will lead to the development of channels and networks for disseminating and implementing PCOR/CER findings while engaging patients, clinicians, hospital administrators, policy makers, and payers. The proposed project also will lead to a skilled community of patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers within essential hospitals. The project will have two main short-term impacts: the development of a roadmap for integrating PCOR/CER in the day-to-day practice of safety-net hospitals, and a dissemination plan for the future to ensure PCOR/CER information is appropriately delivered to stakeholders in safety-net hospitals and health systems.

Patient and Stakeholder Engagement Plan: Patient and stakeholder engagement is key to the success of this project. Patient and caregiver representatives will serve on a project advisory group and engage in the design and execution of Phase 1 tasks, the development of the roadmap, and the planning of dissemination strategies for Phase 2. Stakeholders such as clinicians and c-suite members will comprise another project advisory group, and play a crucial role in developing the full picture of the current PCOR/CER landscape, strategies for widespread adoption, and planning for future needs and initiatives.

Project Collaborators: During the dissemination phase, America’s Essential Hospitals will collaborate with organizations such as The American Hospital Association/Health Resource and Education Trust, Premier, Association of American Medical Colleges, Joint Commission Resources, and all major hospital associations.

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Project Resource: Landscape Review

Project Information

Bruce Siegel, MD
Kalpana Ramiah, DrPH, MSc
America’s Essential Hospitals

Key Dates

18 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022