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Humana Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is a leading health plan and well-being company focused on making it easy for people to achieve their best health with clinical excellence through coordinated care. Comprehensive Health Insights Inc. (CHI) is a health economics and outcomes research subsidiary of Humana Pharmacy Solutions, which focuses on treatment effectiveness, drug safety, adherence, medical and pharmacy benefit design, disease management programs, and other healthcare services. Humana-CHI will collaborate with our team including Lincoln Peak Partners (LPP) and a qualified management consulting firm in support of this exciting PCORI initiative. Humana-CHI will provide the principal investigator (PI) for the engagement and work closely with LPP and our management consultants in the planning, implementation, and coordination of efforts with PCORI and PCORnet. The Humana team will also leverage ongoing collaborations with CDRN and PPRN member entities to support this effort.

As part of initial activities for this PCORI initiative, Humana intends to link its data with CDRN/PPRN populations to produce timely research and inform treatment plans for three PCORnet demonstration projects. Our team’s preliminary analyses demonstrate significant overlap between Humana’s insured member population and current CDRN/PPRN populations for the three PCORnet demonstration trials:

  1. obesity/antibiotics in children: eligible potential sample size N = 98,643;
  2. obesity/bariatric surgery: eligible potential sample size N = 10,991; and 3) ADAPTABLE/Aspirin: eligible potential sample size N = 1,400,012.

One of the great advantages of bringing a health plan such as Humana into the conversations around research focus is that the output of the study can have quicker impact on patient treatment decisions. As we are more closely connected to outcomes research, the path to supporting reimbursement for the favorable treatment path is simplified. As such, collaboration between researchers and health plans can inform the direction of research to increase the likelihood of improving health care for patients.

We look forward to collaborating with PCORnet members and the PCORI stakeholder community to enhance the availability of meaningful data that can add more value and impact to PCOR. Given the efficient and scalable approach that our team will apply, we are excited about accelerating the progress and impact of PCORnet research studies, and we welcome the opportunity to help advance PCORI’s vision for a health data commons. There will be considerable “mind share” and lessons learned from this project, which we hope to add to the collective experience and expertise to achieve the vision of PCORnet for improving patient-centered research and health care.

Project Information

Vinit Nair, BPhar, MS
Humana- Comprehensive Health Insights

Key Dates

July 2021

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Last updated: March 4, 2022