Project Summary

The primary aim of Tier III is to create a health promotion comparative effectiveness research (CER) proposal that focuses on families living in Colonia populations in southern New Mexico. Prior work done in Tiers I and II laid the foundation for this proposed Tier III project. Facilitators and barriers to participating in healthy eating and physical activity were identified. About half of community residents polled indicated that they did not currently participate in any physical activity. For those who were active, preferred activities were a family walking program, dancing, parent–child exercise activities, integrating physical activity into daily routines, and doing 10-minute intervals of exercise three times per day. The most frequently endorsed barriers to physical activity included lack of time, work/school commitments, not making it a priority, and family responsibilities. Facilitators for physical activity included family involvement and social aspects. Barriers to eating fresh fruits and vegetables included cost, availability, and time to prepare. From these data, three tentative CER questions were created. From them, one will be chosen to develop a CER proposal. In conclusion, results from this proposed research may be used to inform strategies and interventions to facilitate healthy eating and/or physical activity in Hispanic families living along the southern New Mexico border.

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Project Information

Becky Keele, PhD, PHCNS-BC, RN
New Mexico State University

Key Dates

12 months


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Last updated: March 4, 2022