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Background: As the US healthcare system transitions to a value-based system, collecting and evaluating important patient-reported data is of paramount importance in the management of population health. Therefore, it is urgent to begin to understand which aspects of the healthcare delivery experience are most important to patients and may translate to better quality care and potential cost savings.

Proposed Solution: The summit will be a full-day conference, held at the Hotel Liaison in Washington, DC, featuring presentations by world-renowned quality-of-life researchers, physicians involved in patient-reported outcome (PRO) measurement, patient advocates, payers, industry, and regulators. The summit is designed with panels dedicated to critical areas of interest. Panels will be moderated by topic experts and followed by discussions to engage all stakeholders in thought-provoking dialogue. The summit will develop an action plan for addressing gaps and barriers that exist in successfully integrating PROs throughout the healthcare system.

Objectives: The summit will stimulate discussion and foster collaboration among stakeholders involved in the collection, interpretation, and integration of PRO data into clinical care and healthcare delivery models. Stakeholders will engage in a multi-disciplinary exchange of ideas. Speakers will share their knowledge about what has already been accomplished in this area and will identify examples where PRO data have been successfully used to improve patient care. Knowledge gaps will be identified and methodologies to address unmet needs discussed.

Activities: The Summit on Patient-Reported Outcomes: The Value of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Healthcare will be held November 17, 2016 in Washington, DC.

Outcomes: Deliverables will focus on informing future research, policy, and clinical practice. The summit proceedings will be summarized and distributed to all attendees and through communication channels of all steering committee member organizations. A post-summit prioritization survey will be distributed to all attendees for the purpose of developing a hierarchy of recommendations and needs to advance the field. A webinar series will be developed to ensure ongoing engagement of the PRO stakeholder community.

Patient and Stakeholder Engagement Plan: The planning and steering committees will include broad stakeholder representation, each contributing to the shaping of the program and the dissemination of the summit proceedings. The program will involve speakers who are patient stakeholders, and the patient perspective brought to the discussion sections will provide a unique voice to more broadly inform the audience.

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Andrea Pusic, MD, MS
Plastic Surgery Foundation

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