Project Summary

Granite Falls, North Carolina, has a diverse population and wide range of healthcare needs. The area ranks in the bottom third of North Carolina counties for per capita income, has 18 percent of households below the poverty level, and some 25 percent of households lacking health insurance. Granite Falls Family Medical Care Center has formed a patient advisory council to promote health education; provide feedback and input for delivery of health care; and develop capacity to engage patients, researchers, and clinicians in comparative effectiveness research (CER) for better delivery of primary care in our community.

We have begun work to encourage screening for hepatitis C, colon cancer, and diabetes; however, we believe we can engage in research leading to better treatment or management of chronic and debilitating diseases, as well as mental health issues that are challenges to our community.

The clinic already has a long relationship with the American Academy of Family Practice’s (AAFP) National Research Network (NRN) and the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG). During the Tier A phase, our plan is to develop a list of our most critical health issues.

  1. Prepare and prioritize a list of our community and regional health needs to inform next steps.
  2. Build a network of research partners, working with community hospitals; local universities; and our relationships with AAFP, NAPCRG, and NRN.
  3. Together with our partners, identify a viable CER study that could be carried out within and bring benefit to our community.

Project Information

Raymond Haeme
Granite Falls Family Medical Care Center Patient Advisory Council

Key Dates

12 months


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Last updated: November 10, 2022