Project Summary

The aim of the Central Jersey Postpartum Depression (PPD) Systems Improvement Project is to prepare researchers, patients, and stakeholders to collaborate as partners in planning a patient-centered outcomes research effort to improve PPD care for diverse patient populations in six counties in central New Jersey. Although PPD is widely considered a common complication of pregnancy and childbirth, there are important racial, ethnic, and income disparities in PPD’s onset and in access to timely, informed care. PPD services in New Jersey involve a complex and loosely connected network of providers across the care continuum. Accessing the system proves challenging for many patients. Forging a partnership from the outset with researchers, patients, health systems, and purchasers can drive meaningful and rapid systems changes. The following are proposed activities for the Tier A phase:

  1. Identify and engage patient survivors from outpatient postpartum support group programs.
  2. Convene researchers, patients, healthcare providers, healthcare purchasers, and healthcare payers three times:
    • Introduce research partnership strategies and dissemination goals.
    • Discuss findings from review of best practices, current system, and focus group interviews.
    • Discuss research questions, identify preliminary comparative effectiveness research (CER) questions, and draft core aspects of the Tier B phase Letter of Intent (LOI). 
  3. Provide two co-learning workshops in participatory translational research and CER methods.
  4. Map the networks of providers constituting the PPD service system.
  5. Review and summarize evidence reports, systematic reviews, and recommendations of professional societies on PPD screening and care.
  6. Conduct three focus group interviews to elicit patient and stakeholder perspectives.
  7. Prepare the Tier B phase LOI.

Project Information

Jeanette Valentine, PhD
Rutgers Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research

Key Dates

12 months


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Last updated: November 10, 2022