Project Summary

As pragmatic PCOR becomes a new standard for the implementation of clinical research, it is important to consider the role of clinic staff members who engage patients in research. Currently, most staff are not trained in research methods and their role remains undefined in study design and regulation. Clinic staff members have a unique position within the clinic and should be considered important stakeholders in the conduct of research.

The project team will hold group discussions and semi structured interviews with clinic and research staff in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas to gain their perspectives on and experience with research. The team will also establish a stakeholder group of clinic staff members who will direct the development of a formal research training in a format that is scalable throughout PCORI and other networks. Clinic staff will be empowered by this solution in two ways: clinic staff will drive the direction and development of the training, including the best ways to disseminate to their local, regional, and national peers; clinic staff who undergo the training will have a better understanding of their role in the research process and will be more likely to engage with research teams and patients for a more mutually meaningful and trusting experience with research.

Ancillary to the development of a staff training, the project team will consult IRB leaders to gain a better understanding of the current regulatory considerations for staff participating in research. From the information gathered from IRB informants, the project team will develop and disseminate a brief guide for investigators planning to implement research that involves clinic staff in a supporting role.

Project Information

Rebekah Angove, PhD
Louisiana Public Health Institute

Key Dates

27 months


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Last updated: November 10, 2022