Project Summary

This implementation project is complete.

PCORI implementation projects promote the use of findings from PCORI-funded studies in real-world healthcare and other settings. These projects build toward broad use of evidence to inform healthcare decisions.

This PCORI-funded implementation project worked with two community-based organizations to promote the use of a website designed to help older adults and their families plan for aging at home.

Older adults and their families may not be aware of services that can support living at home as people age. Without plans for aging at home, it may be hard to find these services when they are needed. 

What was the goal of this implementation project?

Older adults may be able to stay in their homes longer if they plan for home support services in advance. A PCORI-funded research study developed and tested a website called PlanYourLifespan, or PYL. PYL helps people plan for home support services they may need as they age, such as care after a fall or for memory loss.

This project worked with two community organizations to promote the use of PYL to help older adults and their families plan for aging at home and find resources for support.

What did this project do?

The project team worked with two community organizations to promote the use of PYL among older adults and their families. The organizations were FirstVitals Health and Wellness in Hawaii and Pastors4PCOR in Illinois and Indiana. The team trained two people, who then trained five community members to promote use of PYL. The community members included a nurse, a social worker, a geriatrician, and two patients. The training included a toolkit with handouts, answers to common questions, and other resources to help discuss PYL with their communities.

Project Achievements

  • Held 31 meetings and presentations at libraries, churches, community health fairs, and senior centers to promote the use of PYL. More than 1,000 older adults and their caregivers participated in these activities.
  • Observed increases in PYL use, including new PYL accounts, account logins, and web visits. 
  • Worked with stakeholders to support broader use of PYL:
    • FirstVitals Health and Wellness added information about PYL to intake visits for older adults.
    • The Agency on Elderly Affairs in the County of Kauai adopted PYL as a routine resource for older adults, caregivers, and families seeking services at their offices.
    • Epic Systems Corporation in Verona, Wisconsin, added a link to PYL on its advanced care planning resources page, which is available to patient and clinician users of Epic. This link allows patients to access PYL through the patient portal. It also allows clinicians to share information about PYL in materials they provide to patients after a visit.

Project Information

Lee Lindquist, MBA, MD, MPH
Northwestern University
Leveraging Patient Partner/Stakeholder Engagement to Implement PCOR --

Key Dates

April 2019

Study Registration Information

Initial PCORI-Funded Research Study

This implementation project focuses on putting findings into practice from this completed PCORI-funded research study: Helping Older Adults Assess Their Need for Future Home-Support Services.

*PCORI posts an abbreviated Final Project Summary for Implementation Projects completed in 2019 or earlier.


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