Project Summary

Partners will meet quarterly—via video chat if necessary—and will achieve incremental goals between meetings. Pre-meeting preparation will identify additional potential stakeholders. During the first meeting, the group will develop an action plan to invite patients, caregivers, and clinicians, and to identify potential care models to study. Between meetings, potential patients, caregivers, and additional clinician stakeholders will be invited to participate. During the second meeting, all stakeholders will convene to review post-discharge care models/programs, explore reported outcomes, and discuss prevention of medical complications and quality of life (QOL) assessments. Work between the second and third meetings will include reviewing published research on care models, common medical complications, and QOL. During the third meeting, the partners will explore the meaning of QOL for patients and caregivers and learn comparative effectiveness research design and protocols. Work between the third and fourth meetings will include refining comparative effectiveness questions and further exploring QOL. At the fourth meeting, the team will settle on the final comparative effectiveness questions to be pursued, recommend models to be studied, summarize QOL considerations, and recommend next stages of development for this project.

Project Information

Marci Ruediger, MS
Magee Rehabilitation Hospital

Key Dates

12 months


Project Status
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Last updated: April 5, 2024