Project Summary

Many studies have documented that pediatric patients and their families experience stress and anxiety related to medical procedures and hospitalization. Development of patient-centered interventions based on identified patient partner and stakeholder priorities may improve the patient experience and ultimately improve outcomes. Current interventions focus on healthcare provider–initiated programs, such as pre-medicating children before anesthesia. Most stress-reduction interventions have failed to engage the very stakeholders who stand to benefit most from them: pediatric patients and their families. Without patient partner input, we cannot knowingly identify and meet the specific needs of our patients and their families.

This Tier II project continues building on our existing advisory board structure established during Tier I. The following are the objectives of this Tier II project:

  1. Continue to build and strengthen our advisory board infrastructure with patient partners and key stakeholders to support ongoing engagement.
  2. Identify new patient partners and stakeholders through targeted a recruitment and communication plan to build relationships based on trust, honesty and transparency, maximizing empowerment, to meaningfully contribute toward identification of issues, and development of future comparative effectiveness research (CER) questions, including the implementation of targeted interventions.
  3. Finalize our governance structure started in Tier I to guide our advisory board comprising patient partners and key stakeholders, reflecting equal input and representation in an environment of co-leading.
  4. Enhance our recruitment strategy and communication plan for continued partnership and growth that is guided by patient partner and stakeholder priorities and identified needs.
  5. Complete research training focused on basic research principles and CER principles.

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Project Information

Katherine Barsness, MD
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

Key Dates

12 months


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Last updated: November 10, 2022