Project Summary

We have established a new nonprofit, the Mosquito Illness Alliance (MIA), governed by an executive committee consisting of a patient, researcher, clinician, and patient advocate, and this committee is informed by a Patient Advisory Group for shared decision making. In Tier III, our partnership will expand by adding stakeholders identified as important for extending communication channels for distributing the project’s results. Additional researchers will be added to the partnership to develop the research opportunity plan, which will be informed by the partners and stakeholders engaged. The MIA also plans to conduct a strategic planning retreat that will be informed by an environmental scan of potentially relevant funding opportunities. The rebranding of the MIA that started in Tier II will be completed in Tier III. Face-to-face patient support groups facilitated by the MIA and its partners eight times per year will also open up to include participants from remote locations through Web Ex video conferencing services.

At the conclusion of Tier III, we will have a mature partnership with the skills, expertise, and infrastructure needed to continue to successfully execute a scientifically sound comparative effectiveness research project. We will also be positioned to attract other sustainable funding resources to continue to grow the partnerships we have established.

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Sharon Sims
Mosquito Illness Alliance

Key Dates

12 months


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Last updated: November 30, 2022