Project Summary

PCORI funds implementation projects to promote the use of PCORI research findings to improve healthcare practice and health outcomes. In this project, the research team is undertaking implementation activities for the results of the completed PCORI research project: Helping Older Adults Assess Their Need for Future Home-Support Services

This project is in progress.

What were the results from the original PCORI-funded research study?

The PCORI research study developed a website called PlanYourLifespan, or PYL. The site helps people learn about and plan for the types of home support services they may need when getting older, after a fall or hospital stay, or for issues such as memory loss. These services might include things like help with dressing, cooking, or bathing. The research team compared the effectiveness of PYL with a website on wellness and aging. 

The study found that people who used the PYL site did more planning for future home care needs, better understood the home care services available to them, and were more satisfied with the website than people who used the wellness website.

Why is this research finding important?

Seniors and their families may not know or may not have thought about what home care services are available. As a result, it may be hard for them to find care when they need it. People with unmet health and home-based needs are more likely to go to the hospital. They are also less likely to be able to stay in their homes as they age. Resources like PYL may help seniors prepare so they can stay in their homes if they wish.

What is the goal of this project?

The project team is working with two partners to bring PYL to seniors in two diverse communities in Hawaii and Chicago. FirstVitals Health and Wellness provides health, wellness, and disease management programs to seniors in Honolulu. Pastors4PCOR is a faith-based organization in Chicago that aims to increase the participation of underserved communities of color in patient-centered outcomes research.

What is the project team doing?

The project team is training people within FirstVitals and Pastors4PCOR on how to encourage the use of PYL in their communities. The new trainees each train more people from their communities, who then work to promote PYL in their communities for three months.

How will the team evaluate this project?

The project team is

  • Asking trainees about their satisfaction with the training program and their understanding of the content
  • Tracking the number of trainings held in each community
  • Tracking seniors’ use of PYL in these communities using Google Analytics
  • Looking at anxiety, stress, and confidence about the ability to plan for the future among people using PYL

How is the project team involving patients and others in making sure the findings reach people who can use them?

Community members are helping to develop the training approach and also taking part in the PYL training programs.

Learn more about PCORI’s Dissemination and Implementation program here.

Original PCORI-funded Research Project

Helping Older Adults Assess Their Need for Future Home-Support Services

Note: Results from the original project have completed PCORI’s Peer Review and are available here.

Project Information

Lee Lindquist, MBA, MD, MPH
Northwestern University

Key Dates

April 2019

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