Project Summary

The Hmong Gout Coalition is a collaborative partnership between Hmong community members with gout, their family members, Hmong and non-Hmong healthcare professionals, and researchers, with a common appreciation of the importance to conduct community-engaged, comparative effectiveness research (CE-CER) projects to reduce suffering from gout in the Hmong community. Through Tier I and Tier II funding, we identified gout as a significant health disparity of medical significance and community interest; created our governance structure, communication strategies, and stakeholder plan; identified four CER topics and chose one CER topic; and submitted a Letter of Intent to PCORI. In addition, we created The Hmong Gout Coalition website and educational materials about gout in the Hmong community. Our objectives for Tier III are to expand our connections with the Hmong community via interactive educational presentations, videotapes, website, radio, and health fairs to promote awareness about the importance of research and create interest in participating in gout-related research in the Hmong community; engage additional community, clinical, and research experts to strengthen our CE-CER research proposal; involve new stakeholders from local, state, and national organizations in our processes to expand and strengthen our coalition; write and submit a Letter of Intent to PCORI; and write and submit a full research application. Expanding our partnership among the Hmong community, healthcare professionals, and funded researchers will enhance the potential long-term success of comparative effectiveness research grant submissions as well as efficiencies of achieving our ultimate goal to eliminate suffering from gout in the Hmong community.

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Project Information

Kathleen Culhane-Peram, MD, MA
West Side Community Health Services

Key Dates

12 months


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Last updated: April 5, 2024