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According to the American Diabetes Association, 9.3 percent of Americans have diabetes. Despite advances in medications, 33 percent to 49 percent of patients do not achieve treatment goals due to such factors as ethnic and socioeconomic disparities, adherence barriers, access to care, psychosocial issues, and suboptimal care. Anecdotal reports from our patients suggest that they are often told what not to do, but seldom are they instructed on how to practically incorporate needed changes into their lifestyles. Reduced health literacy, low income, provider perceptions, and patient perceptions may all serve as barriers to success.

SIHF will develop patient capacity to drive diabetes research that makes a difference for our patients. SIUE SOP has built long-standing partnerships related to diabetes outreach and will serve as the primary partner. SIUE SOP hosts an annual Diabetes Patient Education Symposium recognized by the ADA as the public education program with the greatest impact in southwest Illinois. Partnerships will also be formed with patients, clinicians, and a hospital. Additional collaborative activities will be developed with stakeholders from public health organizations, the YMCA, and the faith community.

Training in research and PCORI principles will be conducted to build capacity throughout Tier A. A governance document and a recruitment plan will be developed to provide the framework to germinate patient-centered comparative effectiveness research ideas to be turned into rigorous research topics. The knowledge gained will be utilized in our own network and then shared with the broader community, including the scientific community, other federally qualified health centers, and the general public.

Project Information

David Weil, BA
SIHF Healthcare

Key Dates

12 months


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Last updated: November 10, 2022